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The Whale Exposed

Jim Dollinger
Thursday, April 20, 2006

The effects of "Red Ink Rick" are being felt across the United States. Someone has to stop this man and his league of looters from expanding their trail of permanent destruction throughout America's middle class communities and local economies.

The big fish eat the small fish. Wait til Dell buys Asbury. I claimed GMAC to be spun, called crazy. I said GMS would lead to $10 Billion loss, again called nuts. I claimed "Red Ink Rick" wants to move offshore, own distribution and sell on the net. How wrong have I been so far? That is why he refused to try any part of Return to Greatness. He and his BIG FISH supporter, Mr. John Bryan of Goldman Sachs and British Petroleum, amongst membership in a few other unnamed organizations, are finishing a diabolical plan which has, as it's objective, the moving offshore of production and the eventual ownership of distribution.