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The Fix Is In

Jim Dollinger
Monday, March 30, 2009

Well, finally some accountability at General Motors. While many are expressing well wishes and appreciation toward Rick Wagoner, there are larger issues pressing. GM needs to clean house at Vehicle Sales Service and Marketing. It is specifically here that The General is mismanaged and unless dramatic changes are made, then it won't matter who next occupies Rick's newly vacated chair.

Personally, I have been on a campaign to oust Red Ink Rick ever since he killed implementation of Return to Greatness. After I refused to accept $5,000 and sign intellectual property release, Wagoner stymied my efforts to bring productive and effective marketing to a clueless group of incompetent failures who were/are responsible for GM's shrinking market share.

The Annual Meeting of Shareholders is held only because the SEC requires it, although in theory it is supposed to be an exchange of ideas and information amongst the company's owners. GM Management can't wait to get the darn thing over with, another sign of bad leadership. Even worse, a few years ago Wagoner directed security at the event to stop me from passing out copies of Return to Greatness to my fellow stockholders. Why?

There are corrective measures just waiting in the wings. There are people who understand what is really wrong at GM and how to FIX IT. The last thing we need is another "turnaround" or "restructuring". GM needs real leadership and a plan that will actually work. Return to Greatness is that plan.