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Jim Dollinger
Tuesday, January 16, 2007

It's well past time for a major shakeup at GM. I'm not referring to another restructuring or reorganization. Rather, It's time for placing competent people in positions of responsibility with the authority to make decisions and to follow through by holding those individuals accountable for the results.

The first place to start is at VSSM. LaNeve and Dewar need to go and be replaced with true car guys who understand how to move the metal. Possessing an MBA is no proof of anything when it comes to retail automotive. The decisions made by this pair has only led to a continued decline in US market share. We need to discontinue the Red Tag Sales and March Madness. This past December's promo whereby dealers received the ability to offer additional rebates to customers only if they accepted unwanted inventory was the last straw by desparate merchandisers to force production on franchisees and offered proof positive that the factory could care less about their retail partners.

If Wagoner is any kind of leader he'll replace those who fail so miserably and demand performance by those who are given the next opportunity.