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Speaking of Ebonics

Jim Dollinger
Thursday, January 26, 2012

If Joel Ewanick is so sharp, why does he need to spend billions on outside firms and contractors? hmmm... even worse, he has now centralized agency marketing with one firm in London, England. Thanks a lot for moving jobs to Europe after we US taxpayers bailed you out! There once was a day when GM employees were actually capable of doing the job themselves. Now they need consultants and agencies to do what talented firms do "in house".

Why does GM even need any of these marketing executives anyway? They don't actually do anything, or add any value to the equation. Ewanick hires his buddies and flies around the world for meetings. Why does he not sit in his fancy office, pick up a pencil and paper, and create a marketing plan? Why not? Because he isn't capable...He's a phony, one trick pony (Hyundai) and full of baloney!