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Failed Fortunes

Jim Dollinger
Saturday, June 14, 2008

As to Red Ink Rick's greatest failure (and there are many), some say Fiat, some say EV1, some say truck investment, others claim accounting irregularites and financial restatements along with SEC investigations, still others see the Delphi spin and the remaining obligations. I say his biggest error is allowing the disastrous marketing to continue and unbelievably...it's still happening. Take Zarrella, Smith, Lovejoy, LaNeve and there is the real trouble at GM. Even worse, the pompous, insulated, failures refuse to listen to someone who does know how to move the metal. This company will NEVER recover and will continue the downward spiral until the marketing is dramatically reversed. It matters not how good the product or how much is removed from the cost structure, this is the crux of the matter and is the real reason GM has dropped from 50% share to less than 20%.