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A Mystery Rick's Not History

Jim Dollinger
Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Earlier this year, Buick sponsored Desparate Housewives showcasing the LaCrosse. The actress, Eva Longoria, worked a mall display in which no one was interested because it was a Buick. Instead, she lounged in the mattress department. Now please tell me which marketing wizard at GM decided to spend millions on such a ludicrous script. As I've been saying all year, it's the marketing and Wagoner has to go. After spending something like 70 million introducing LaCrosse and "Dream Up", the same geniuses decide to switch gears and now spend more millions inconsistently with Martha Stewart and "Beyond Precision". This same idiocy came up with "Not Your Father's Oldsmobile" (actually very true, as his was in business). I have so many specific examples of the sequential stupidity at the Ren Cen that I am writing a book to be released early next year. The title is "Rats in the Glovebox". I got the idea after reading "Rats in the Grain" about the removal of the Chairman and President of Archer Daniels Midland over price fixing. Mr Andreas was forced to resign and his son went to prison. You're up next Rick.

Under $20 per share today, someone said GMS would bring disaster and Red Toe Tag was foolhardy.