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Death Wish

Jim Dollinger
Monday, July 20, 2009

Rape? Murder? No, simply the death of General Motors, starring Mark LaNaive and Hope Languished. Many of you have emailed wondering how in the world GM could possibly keep the same executives that drove GM into bankruptcy. Well they have and they are. The perpetuator this time is Fritz Henderson, who had his chance to remake the company and instead has chosen to retain incompetency and corruption. Still have a job at GM? Jump quick. Still a dealer? Look elsewhere and fast before your worthless franchise becomes home to worthless real estate as well.

From an ideological standpoint, GM had a chance, no more! Have a sinking feeling? Welcome to the club. The Titanic has a greater chance of sailing again than this ship of fools! Some of you may wonder...don't waste your time... this is the most mismanaged company in the world and destined for liquidation.