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Jim Dollinger
Sunday, March 12, 2006

The Long March

It was a military feat which not only preserved the Chinese Communist party and the Red Army, but enabled Mao Zedong to eliminate his internal opposition.

The Long Decline

It has been a business strategy to eliminate American unionism and move production overseas, simultaneously reducing franchised dealers to one day allow factory owned distribution channels.

Hundred Flowers Campaign

"Let a hundred flowers bloom, let a hundred thoughts contend." It was launched on May 1, 1957 by Mao with an invitation to criticize the Chinese Communist party, as well as the government. Six months later the Great Leap Forward program was launched, and this involved sending intellectuals and trained personnel, such as doctors and engineers, to the countryside. The campaign against the intellectuals finally culminated in the Cultural Revolution.

Hundred Years

After saying there were no plans to close Oldsmobile after 100 years of existence, Rick Wagoner did just that. (and we're to believe him about bankruptcy?)Ask yourself, was Olds that poorly managed, or intentionally closed? How can a division selling in excess of 1,000,000 units with such a rich heritage be run into the ground? Like Mao, Rick refuses to listen to intellectuals who know and understand the retail automotive market. Today, the Great Leap Backward continues as Buick and Pontiac struggle to survive, starved of product by a corporation hell bent on wasting capital with Fiat, Saab, Saturn, Subaru, and Izusu. Consequently, the United States itself is experiencing a Cultural Revolution of it's own, as the American middle class and standard of living disappears as a result of incompetent management who blame workers and the government for the decline caused by executive ineptitude.

Chairman Mao vs. Chairman Rick

In truth Mao was no Communist, he was simply another in a long line of Emporers who ruled with an iron fist. He hid behind the mask of Communism in order to justify his own methods of achieving a personal agenda.

Today, we are suffering the effects of actions by a leader who is giving Capitalism a bad name. The track record of "Red Ink Rick" since becoming head of NAO (North American Operations) in 1994, defies logic when considering how in the world the Board leaves this man in charge. The answer most likely lies in the fact that these men and women know exactly what the game plan is. Simply, we must realize that there are forces at work well beyond the leadership of General Motors. International bankers who control most of Corporate America, as they control the Federal Reserve, are implementing a well conceived and coordinated effort to do away with pensions and health care for millions of our citizens. It's men like G Richard Wagoner who give capitalism a bad name. Although he takes marching orders from undisclosed sources, the man is morally guilty of a crime against humanity.


"Companion to Chinese History" by Hugh B O'Neill 1987

and plain old common sense.