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Ignition Switch Recall

Jim Dollinger
Tuesday, March 11, 2014

General Motors is not known for skillful appearances before Congress.

Will the politicians attack Ms. Barra, or cut her some slack? Will America see another Red Ink Rick chastisement, or the respect shown to former GM President "Engine Charlie" Wilson? The times change 'ya know.

Image is everything, initial impressions can be critical... will she fly on a corporate jet, or maybe drive to The Hill?

Bolt in a Volt? Cruise in a Caddy?

Dear Mary Barra,

Please Catch a Camaro, followed by a Silverado, and be cool. You are about to prove your metal and earn your spurs. Best of luck to you Ma'am!


Your Friendly Buickman

And please remember this, "Work or Play, It's Your Chevrolet".