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mirror, mirror on the wall

Jim Dollinger
Friday, March 6, 2009

hmmmm...let's see...

material weaknesses disclaimed in financials
SEC investigations
shareholder lawsuits
accounting irregularities
employee buyouts depleting pension fund
Billions blown in Fiat Fiasco
hundreds of Millions wasted in Delphi Debacle
asset sales to fund operations and enrich investment banks
suspension of dividend
elimination of retiree benefits
complete loss of company valuation
$82 Billion losses in four years
insane marketing
misuse of Joint Funds
tiered pricing to disadvantage small franchisees
scrapping of venerable nameplates like LeSabre and Grand Prix
regular shifting of slogans and brand presentations
renaming and reorganizing divisions costing untold Millions in legalities/signage

and it's just the tough economy making poor old Red Ink Rick look bad?????