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World's Cheapest Car Intro

Jim Dollinger
Monday, March 23, 2009

They're planning a mid year upgraded model called "The Wagoner"...it's rumored to only run in reverse, can't turnaround, and is greatly overvalued even with the standard external cup holder shaped like a hand. However they will allow you to stack your GM Card points with available Retired Rickshaw Runner Rupee Rebate. As an added bonus you get Slumdog Rick's hand sewn, embroidered "RIR" on the custom COWHIDE interior, especially developed by GM's marketing staff after extensive consumer research on the Indian purchasing public.

Savvy shoppers will of course hold out for the eventual and inevitable..."Red Dot Sale".

Great News...

Just Announced...MARCH MADNESS on the All New Nano "Wagoner Special"!

now through March 31...

Free Caste Wheels and Bad Year Tires.

Hurry Before It Ends!!!!

another option might be our newest promo, soon to be released...

The "Bailout Bonanza" Value Package

since Ben, Hoss, and Little Joe are gone, we have opted for Hop Sing as our spokesman, which hopefully will tie in to the emerging Tibetan marketplace.

to qualify...you must first go online to www.CFR.com to verify you are not registered on the NO DRIVE LIST, then simply transfer your worthless American currency for the Amero which will, in turn, entitle you to free passage on the North American Superhighwy.


We have an Electric version of the "Wagoner Special" currently under development. It is able to hold hundreds of billions in investment bank charges and guaranteed to withstand frontal impact with any and all dislocated workers and homeless individuals with proper repossesion/foreclosure documentation.