General Watch Mission Statement

Our mission is to acknowledge the problems facing General Motors, develop turnaround plans, build for profit, reposition for growth, and strengthen the GM organization.

General Watch was founded in 2004 to provide complete reporting on GM.

This is the other half of the story. It is just factual balance because GM conveniently omits, clouds or glosses over the realities. Unfortunately, this is labeled “negative reporting”.Only accurate data allows proper decisions.


In 1992, the last time GM faced bankruptcy; The Board of Directors fired the top execs. Dr. Ignacio Lopez meeting with the new President Jack Smith switched his watch to his right arm. It was to stay there until GM returned to profits.

Over a decade later, James Dollinger, a top Buick salesman, founded GENERAL WATCH as GM faces decline. It will unite those striving to help GM RETURN to GREATNESS.

How much time is left? You watched market share go watch it go up.

During a dinner at the home of GM Chairman Jack Smith, GM Executive Jose Ignacio Lopez dramatically stripped his watch off his left wrist and strapped it to his right, proclaiming he would keep it there until General Motors made record profits in North America. Smith instantly followed did a number of other GM Execs. (Read more)

That dramatic gesture was made over a decade ago. Are the watches still on their right hands? If not, they should be as GM market share has steadily declined.

Market Share will not increase with rhetoric and promises. Action is needed now.

General Watch is here to see the watches back on the left wrists! Attend the shareholders meeting...join the General Watch Forum discussion group...make your voice heard!

"The economic revolution of the American economy since 1900 has in large part been a marketing revolution caused by the assumption of responsibility for creative, aggressive, pioneering marketing by American management."

--Peter Drucker

Amateurs built the Ark, professionals built the Titanic. Waterfalls begin as raindrops.