GM Shrugged
Dec 4, 2005

Read Ayn Rand's "Atlas Shrugged" to understand GM today. The correlations are simply amazing. Wagoner and Company knew exactly where they were going with the Delphi spinoff, the destruction of unionism, and with it the American way of life and middle class.
GM is being led down the path of self destruction, and soon plan to produce almost completely off shore, own the franchised outlets, and profit on the paper flow.
I predicted the long term damage to brands, the inevitable hangover from GMS, and the disguised idiocy prevalent in the Ren Cen. These people are not so stupid, they know exactly what they are doing, and it will forever change the landscape of business as we know it.

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GM Anuual Meeting
May 7, 2005

I will be attending the annual meeting of stockholders on June 7 at the Hotel duPont in Wilmington. Please feel free to post any and all suggestions you would like brought to the attention of management and the media in attendance. This year's event should be of particular significance based upon the state of our company. Mr Wagoner should be asked to explain the error of the Fiat deal and how on earth we could squander billions on such a worthless transaction. Other questions include why we retain the same audit company for decades. Deloitte has been implicated in Adelphia and Parmalat. It would be prefeable to rotate auditors in order to at least maintain the appearance of an arm's length relationship. Looking for other suggestions.

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Welcome Kirk Kerkorian
May 4, 2005

Some positive developments for GM. The significant investment strategy by Tracinda corporation is fantastic news. The downward spiral may have hit bottom and turned upwards with today's announcement. How wonderful that Mr Kerkorian believes in the US auto industry and our domestic manufacturers in particular.

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