Comments on: GM Anuual Meeting
Heads need to roll!
May 9, 2005
Bruce Bartman

I will not be able to attend the annual meeting but would like somebody to challenge the Board's credibility. I would like to ask each boardmember 1) When was the last time they were actually inside a dealership? 2) When was the last time they took their own vehicle in for any kind of service, even an oil change? 3) How many of the board actually drive themselves rather than have a driver?
I don't think that there would be many, if any, positive answers to those three questions, and, if so, how can they actually be connected to the business they're running.
Also, when are they going to realize that they cannot keep a six-year product cycle. While other makers, who are taking our market share, are running three and four year model cycles, we insist that we can't afford to do so. Which is less costly/more profitable - to lose market share with aging models supported by huge incentives, or redesigning/re-skinning models in a shorter time which will be new to returning lessees and will have greater sales numbers without the big-money incentives? This will also help retain resale value and improve lease residuals making them even more competitive in the market.
This board is operating with outdated thinking and poor logic.
Regarding Fiat - somebody has to take the fall for that fiasco. Fiat! Known for building rolling junk. Why even talk to them in the first place. Ford grabs up nameplates with some respect: Jaguar, Volvo, Range Rover. We get Fiat, Saab, Opel, Daewoo ( in recievership).

GM shareholder vote
May 10, 2005
Brian Heil

For those shareholders interested in getting their viewpoint across to other GM shareholders, I wanted to draw attention to our website that not only offers a sample proxy ballot, but the opportunity for you to reach hundreds of voting shareholders.

Simply visit and type "GM" in the ticker symbol box.

Best of luck in the upcoming shareholder meeting,

What leadership?
May 14, 2005
Naif Salloum

Why has'nt the board of directors fired Wagoner and also why has'nt the board of directors been replaced?

Annual Meeting
May 15, 2005
Jim Dollinger

I will speak at the meeting and address your valid concerns. Go GM!

Lutz the Putz
May 16, 2005
Jay Tolsma

Lutz must go. He needs to be fired, all the new GM cars look like old Crysler cars. His first actions a GM was to trim the cost of vehicles by removing features and making the cars look and feel cheap.All his new cars a flops.

Good Luck!
Jun 1, 2005

Good Luck Guys!

Those can can vote please do the right thing.

"Chevrolet's Subtle Crusade"

Whose to blame???
Jun 1, 2005
Ed MacDonald

Trouble started with our Government allowing a uneven trade field...we allowed any foriegn country to flood our market and they kept our products out,,,
then,,poor mnagement going back to Roger Smmith..his pension should be cancelled...
fionally, greed that had our manufactureres putting all thier efforts into SUVs and TRUCKS...oddly enuf, all foriegn producers took over every size and level of sedans and coupes...
now..foreign producers are concentrating on SUVs nd Trucks

Shareholder meeting travesty
Jun 7, 2005
Bruce Bartman

I find it incredible that the shareholders actually bought into the line of BS fed to them at today's meeting. This ineffective, unaccountable Board ecsaped unscathed from a meeting where shareholders should have demanded a change of management as current management is running this company into the ground. No one was held accountable for the Fiat debacle - $4+B down the drain, for nothing. But why were they even talking to Fiat - renowned for building junk? Whose made the decision to even talk to Fiat, in the first place? Who authorized the initial deal? Why do they still find themselves employed by GM? Did Oldsmobile Division ( yes, I'm still pissed about that) help bankroll GM for over four score and seven years? Did they ever lose $4.4B ?
Why is this Board, this Chairman, still allowed by the shareholders to further ruin this company?
I'm livid because I'm not just a (small) shareholder, but I sell GM products - it's my family's livelihood, my career, my grandchildren's education. Thar's why I'm infuriated. How about you? Are you willing to let this ineffective Board diddle away your investment while they run this company, formerly the largest company on the planet, into financial ruin?
It's time for a shareholder revolt.

Jun 7, 2005
George Charles

I have been looking at GM's lineup and im hopeful for 2006, but I fell like im in a trap because if I sell my GM stock I will take a huge loss. Thats why I say Buickman for Board of GM.

Annual Meeting
Jun 7, 2005
Jim Dollinger

It was a farce. I spoke directly to Wagoner and called for his resignation. You're right, a bigger stink should have been made about Fiat and the lack of direction by directors. Did get the word out about this site. Hopefully shareholders will join us in our effort to enact change. Write to GM at 100 Renaissance Center Detroit MI 48265 and tell them to implement A Return to Greatness.

GM stock & Kerkorian
Jun 8, 2005
Rich Whitlock

Love everyone here's comments, and thanks for starting this site Jim.
I'm curious to know your thoughts on the whole Kerkorian deal. From what I can tell from reading the thoughts of those It is interesting to see that not everyone tendered their shares to him, even though it seems pretty clear that the only reason the stock price had a $31 floor set over the past month was due to his offer. I would argue that without his offer, the stock would have continued its slide (especially after not having a detailed turnaround plan presented at the meeting) and might be under $25 by now. So it would seem that the only reason it is over that today is because he got involved, but then people turned around and are holding their shares hoping it would go up more.
I am concerned because it seems that a successful turnaround is already priced into the stock price - but all available evidence shows that the current management team isn't the team for the job. I'm afraid that as long as GM isn't running out of cash, management won't feel any need to change how they've been doing business because either "the market will go our way here soon enough, all we have to do is wait it out" or "our next line of vehicles will be great, and we'll be out of this, just hold on." And not until cash runs out will a real sense of urgency to change things be felt. By then, with no cash, GM will be forced into bankruptcy and shareholders will lose everything. This is why I bring up the Kerkorian thing - with an artificially inflated stock price, management doesn't feel as great a need to change things.
Originally I was hoping someone would come in and create that needed sense of change by distributing as a dividend all of GM's excess cash to force management into changing its ways. Unfortunately, I think that would lead to bankruptcy and then the cash dividend would be have to be repaid to the banks and creditors under bankruptcy code.
In summary, I guess it seems strange that the Kerkorian offer wasn't fully taken up, even though the only reason for the stock to be so high IS his offer. Also, with the price where it is, and for some reason it seems reluctant to go below that $31 magic number, I don't think shareholders will feel the need to force a change in management or the board. Any thoughts?
Again Jim thanks for this great site, and for standing up to the large, immovable object named entrenched management.

What Wasn't Said
Jun 8, 2005

I have an unconfirmed report today from a confidential, inside source, that the spin off of GMAC is underway, not just mortgage, the whole thing. Again, can't prove at this time, but sure appears true. Look for big news regarding your proposed shareholder revolt soon. If GM thinks Wilmington was the grandstand, they are in for a few surprises.

Annual Meeting
Jun 8, 2005

To receive transcripts of the meeting call 313-556-5000 and ask for shareholder relations. More big news coming soon...

Did Attend the meeting
Jun 30, 2005

Yes, I was there at the meeting and for my first time, I enjoyed watching grown men squirm. As for GM leaving Buick behind, I have not heard that part. My rental place was going to give me a foreign car but I requested a GM car and they gave me a Lacrosse. A very nice car. So a week or so later when I took my Grand Am to get fixed, I went and looked at the Lacrosses the dealership had in my hometown. I saw a $30,000+ price on most of them. Now, if the base price is $19,000, why are options so expensive? Or is the dealership fixing prices? Also, when I asked for a brochure of the Lacrosse, the front lady had to get them out of the closet. If I had a choice between a Vibe and a Lacrosse, I would pick the Lacrosse for power and design. The Vibe is not my cup of tea and that was displayed a lot more. With a cheap price, you get a cheap vehicle. The Lacrosse is a wonderful car. I love the wood design mixed in with the hard plastic texture that is very much different than the Grand Am. But the radio was hard to figure out. And the Purple display was a surpise at night compared to the Orange. Very cool. But I'm still wondering what kind of Stock I have if it is around $87 a share? Or is this the high price of having Fidelity? I first bought the stock in 2002 when it was over $120 a share. So I'm a little confused here. If it's around $30 share, I want that stock and not what I have. But if I have common stock, isn't it the same? Also, I do not like the design of an Impala. The High Tech computer features are a waste in that car and should be put into another Make. But I loved my 2002 Grand Prix with the #76 color. Along with the heads up display the computer features in an Impala would suit the Grand Prix better. And what good is a car when you have to acquire an owner's manual on the internet? No wonder secrets are stolen because everything is available on the internet for all to see. There is no fortress around the designs anymore. If I can walk into a coded area with another union member to find some sort of sticky paper for a blood drive, what good is a coded door and combination when all I have to do is do some heavy sucking up to steal blueprints in a heavy security area without being checked for my credentials? The person who let us in that area should be fired, but as far as I know, she was not. What is important to me, the union keeps secret and what should be kept secret, the union finds out and everyone knows. Word of mouth can make or break a company. Those who were not at the meeting do NOT have to know the truth. We must do whatever it takes to make GM grow again and we must not let our enemies take our marketshare. Thank you.

What to do
Jul 10, 2005
Bruce Armstrong

Dear Mr. Dollinger:

I saw your segment on Autoline Detroit this morning, and was impressed with your cogent views pertaining to the movement of metal. I'm sure you're correct so far as you go, as your past success has shown. As a Subaru owner, I am 20 percent interested in GM's future, but I fear your proposed solutions are confined to the medium term, not long term.

Why do I say this? I am a salesman also, though not of vehicles, and there is no question that customers like personalized service and all the local assistance required to savour their purchase to the full. Surely, this is a basic given in any economic exchange, and GM dealers as well as all others should pursue the tactic. Doing so will help the medium term prospects of a manufacturer and dealer. However, the final determinant for repeat purchase is performance of the item through time. This is one part of the what is known as pride of ownership, and even a good dealer cannot cover bad performance over time. The other part of pride of ownership for a vehicle is styling and finish. I'm absolutely convinced of this.

I well recall the annual model change in the 1950s and the 1960s, as I was car mad as a young boy. What I couldn't understand then was the incredibly bad finish of all Detroit cars. None of the shiny chrome lined up from hood to fenders, doors and trunk. They appeared to have been applied by drunks on the production line. Nonetheless, the styling of the GM cars, in particular, was spectacular, and overcame the objections of 90% of buyers, simply because of the pride I mentioned before. In addition, Deroit cars were the most reliable mechanically that one could buy. Remember the Brits? Add the two attributes together and Detroit was onto a winner.

A few years later, whilst studying to be an engineer, I spent hours reading the GM tehnical reports which were bound into annual volumes and available for perusal at the library. I even have one of these to this day, an entire volume dedicated to the development of the first Oldsmobile Toronado. Although my engineering mind regarded the vehicle as way too big and heavy, I could not deny the absolute styling and technical tour-de-force that this car represented. I bought a plastic model of the car and did my best job ever of assembly and painting, then used to stare at the darn thing for hours when at the age of 18 I should have spent more time chasing girls.

Yes, I wanted a Toronado. Bad.

Now tell me, what GM vehicle today immediately provokes a response like that? I look at a Corvette and am unmoved. It has OK styling, a ropey interior and general finish, and an antique engine. There is no line on the car which comes close to the curves of the front fenders of my 15 year old fun car, a Mitsubishi Eclipse AWD DOHC turbo, which is also a manic drive. What's gone wrong with that car over 15 years? Nothing major, just brakes, batteries (from over-winter storage) and the usual wear items. Boy, there's pride of ownership in a vehicle made by a company which today is headed downhill even faster than GM. The only thing I worry about is if Mitsubishi do crash and burn, where will I get spare parts? The same feeling will happen to GM owners as time goes by.

The last GM cars which had reasonable styling were the 1977 large cars, like the Impala. Not only that, the cars handled decently and were smooth in a way that I don't feel in today's cars, not even my bosses' 1999 Caddy, which he washes every year or so, disregards the dash display advising him to change oil, and cannot understand the electronic gizmos with which the thing is loaded. It is a large white refrigerator with undecipherable controls to him. Pride of ownership? Zero. He prefers his wife's Olds Intrigue. Here is a perfect case of somome who will buy a Toyota or Lexus next time, even though underneath it all, he somehow believes that those funny furrin cars are toys.

Meanwhile, all the younger people I know buy Hondas, Toyotas (which I think of as mobile chicanes, driven as they are by folks who seem like they could use a good night's sleep), Mazdas and VWs, the latter because of their obvious build quality in interior and exterior finish. Only bottom feeders buy GM, usually Grand Ams and Cavaliers which are so dreadful to drive it makes one wonder if the low monthly payment was the only deciding factor in the purchase. I know, the new Cobalt finally has a chassis less than 20 years old, but the styling is a snooze! A half-decent car ruined by the #2 part of pride of ownership.

I like smaller cars myself, not necessarily a common trait, and even there styling counts to me. I used to buy only Audis, AWD versions at that, but finally bought a Subaru, a classic original Impreza, because reading European magazines showed me that the newer models about to be introduced looked wacky. I now have 7 Northern winters on the vehicle, and repairs amount to one turn-signal lamp burned out, new front brake pads and a knock sensor. That is long-term reliability, and combined with the OK looks, makes for pride of ownership. People watch the vehicles of other people they know, and are interested in whether they last. Folks are impressed with mine. I've "sold" three other Subarus.

So, to summarize, my advice to GM is to produce vehicles that look good and are thoroughly engineered to be reliable and well-finished. Toyotas don't look particularly good, neither do Hondas, so there's an opportunity there. Despite GMs adherence to pushrod engines, they should dump them and get modern. They have to develop and make vehicles that are in advance both stylistically and mechanically, because right now, there is NO compelling reason for anyone to purchase any GM vehicle. I don't know a single soul who lusts after one right now. Maybe a super salesman can bamboozle somone into buying a Buick, but I fail to see what pride of ownership will linger with those vehicles. There's just nothing to talk about, just average blandness, average reliability, noisy pushrod V6 engines, nothing to make anyone WANT one.

Mr. Dollinger, you stated on the Autoline show that you were only a GM man. Unless you get to know the competition, understand it, get GM to do better than them, then delivering vehicles to the customer's home is only a medium term solution, because the goods are not up to your promise. Your vision of what GM should do may well be the way to go for now, but long term, that company should do something to engage the market. I see no sign of this at all.

Bruce Armstrong

GM Service
Jul 17, 2005
Michael Stillwagon

I watched James Dollinger on SpeedTV and share his concerns about GM. In particular, he felt he could not consider buying anything except a GM vehicle. I am a loyal GM owner for years but for the first time in my life I am considering an alternative.

My gripe with GM is not there Fiat fiasco but there lack of customer service with regard to repairs. I have finally had it with GM "Mr. Goodwrench" since they botched up my engine and at least at this point, aren't willing to fix it. To make a long story short, I brought it in for a lower intake manifold gasket replacement and after they admitted to dropping something in the engine and causing a knock, they are now saying it is my problem. I didn't bring it in with a knock why should I accept anything less than no knock.

However, this is not my first run in with poor service but I still keep buying GM. There were several other issues with at least two other dealer service locations. Have I got a target on my back or is GM failing in the service department as well as sales.

I would love to give someone the details so they know I am not a quack! Someone in GM should pay attention to their customers while they still have them.

Sincerely distraught loyal GM buyer,
Michael Stillwagon

GM doesn't understand the market
Jul 17, 2005
Andrew Kratzer

Obviously the powers that be a GM simply don't understand what the public wants. The General was determined to pawn off front wheel drive V6 wonders off on the public whether they wanted it or not. If GM doesn't figure out what the car buying public wants they're doomed. Arrogant bean counters don't belong at the helm. I was a loyal GM customer for years but they simply don't make what I want.

NY International Autoshow
Jul 17, 2005
Mark Pasquale

My brother attended the stockholder's meeting at the NY International Autoshow. He was un-impressed by the presentation of the stock-holders meeting. He wanted to tell them , but wasn't given the opportunity , that what the GM executives needed to do was to go into the autoshow and walk over to the Scion display and observe the young people who were all over it. Scion is what Saturn needs to be and Saturn is not! Chevrolet needs to look at Scion and take notes! Take to a 16 year old , they don't want a Cobalt or Ion or Mustang , they want a Honda Civic , Element , Toyota Scion , Mini-cooper.

GM Service follow up letter - details!
Jul 18, 2005
Michael Stillwagon

Michael Stillwagon
272 Elm Avenue
Teaneck, NJ 07666

July 18, 2005

Mr. Dollinger

Thanks for taking the time to listen to my story. It is nice to know that there are other people who care about the future of GM.

On June 21st I noticed that there was an anit-freeze leak coming from the top of my engine. I own a 1999 Chevy Blazer ZR2, which is in excellent shape. I found that the leak was coming from the gasket between the cylinder head and the intake manifold.

On June 22nd my brother in law came over to take a look at with the possibility of fixing it with me. He has a 1969 Chevy SS 396 that he replaced the engine with a 454 which he has rebuilt to add horsepower. But, he was not comfortable with the electronics in the newer engines. I showed him the wiring diagram from the factory manuals I bought when I purchased the ZR2. I decided to take it to Sifford GMC because it was close and I had some discussions with a sales rep regarding a 2005 GTO.

Al Sanzari the service director quoted me price of between $700 and 900. Tom Camlet wrote up the service request. My brother in law was there with me and in hindsight, I am glad he was.

On Friday, June 24th, I received a call from Tom Camlet stating that I wouldnt have the car back probably until Monday because the mechanic dropped something in the engine and there was a knock that had to be fixed. He said that when the mechanic was taking off the intake manifold a washer or something fell into the engine but it might also be carbon. I expressed my concern that carbon could cause a knock.

On Monday, June 27th I went back to Sifford to pick up the truck. Tom had called just before closing. When I got there there was no documentation of what happened with the engine with regard to the knock. Tom assured me that they stand behind their work and if there was a problem I could bring it back. I told Tom I was skeptical about the fact that nothing was documented; he said it wasnt documented because I wasnt paying for it.

The following day I noticed the knock was still there and called Tom about bringing it back. I wanted to bring it back Friday July 1st. Tom suggested that he probably wouldnt get to it until Tuesday, July 5th, thats when I brought it back.

I went back on Wednesday morning, July 6th to check the status. Tom told me it was probably a rocker arm. I went back late Wednesday to find the truck in the lot, no call from Tom. Me and my girlfriend Cathy went inside to get the keys and find out what happened with the knock. At this time Tom tells me that the problem is now mine because the noise is from a weak lifter. They expected me to believe that, after admitting to causing the knock, it was now a wear problem. I told them there was no knock when I brought it in and I dont expect one now. Needless to say they wouldnt budge. I was out raged!

I went on line and started my search for agencies that might help resolve this. I went to the Better Business Bureau Auto Line who recommended me to the local BBB. I also found GMC Division Customer Service Center. I am still trying to resolve this within GM. On I spoke to Kimberley Laboot at 866-942-4368 ext. 47418. She seemed sincere.

On July 8th Kimberley called from 866-964-4723 and stated that she is waiting to hear from the service manager. She will call back Monday between 12:00 and 2PM.

Monday, July 11th at 2:15PM no call yet from Kimberley. Called Kimberley at 866-942-4368 ext. 47418. She put me on hold while she tried the service manager again. Again she could not reach him or her and left a message to call back. She will call me back between 12:30 and 2:30PM tomorrow. Made sure the Kimberley all the details of my complaint.

Tuesday, July 12th Kimberley called back and said she is still investigating and will call back tomorrow. I asked Kimberley to call back on my cell phone (917-885-9421) so I didnt have to sit around the house waiting for a phone call. Told her again I was a loyal GM customer and wanted this resolved because it was really bothering me.

Wednesday July 13th, no call on my cell from Kimberly. When I got home there was a message on my answering machine form Kimberly that the person she is trying to reach is out of the office until Monday. She will call back them

So that is the story up to date. I have included the customer copies that I received from Sifford. There are some items on there that dont look right for example gaskets that are not part of the intake manifold, head gasket maybe? There is also a billing for an oil change and a power flush neither of which I asked for. As far as I know there is no oil flowing through the intake manifold. It looks like they, Sifford, were trying to flush something out.

Al Sanzari and Tom Camlet did a great job of covering their tracks. The bottom line here is that they told me they dropped something in the engine to cause a knock. Again I am glad I had a witness who knows there was no knock when I brought it in.

I know this may sound corny but I am willing to subject myself to a polygraph test, are they?

Michael Stillwagon

Boared of Directors
Jul 19, 2005
Steve Hornbaker

I hop e you enjoy this quote from Germany:

In good times the board of directors is useless, in bad times helpless.


Ineptitude In GM .
Sep 12, 2005
John C.

I am and have been in shock for MANY years because of the SALARIES of these Morons,in TOP. MANAGEMENT. Twenty Million Dollars for what ???!! I am a stock Holder and also a customer of the products that GM makes. I do feel a certain Loyalty to it . BUT,with the purchase of pitiful Fiat, Dawoo,etc., and The Chairman asking for the union to give concessions,i ask myself what the hell will they give up ??? As a stock holder , I want these salaries to be cut to a more sensible LEVEL. No man needs Twenty Million dollars for doing this Job.This is a Business,and as such a reasonable amount of pay I think of as a formula that would be not more than ONE Hundred times higher than the Highest worker on the floor of the Factory.And they should Pay for thier own Health Ins.Are a larger % than the assembly line worker. My opinion. John C.

Where is my American CAR
Sep 13, 2005

So much to say. I will start with - where are the cars I would buy. GM is a legend to me I hope it can be one in the future but it needs models and image. I restore classic cars from the 20s to the 70s . Is there going to be anymore? I know some companys dont like the word retro but where did GM make all of its MONEY -YESTERYEAR. I would like to see some of the GM greats back on the market example THE BEL AIR from Chevy (HINT) 50 year anniversary 1957 to 2007 but now not enough time to make it happen (so start thinking ahead) I know GM likes to share chassis platform but this can still be done like in the past-ie 6cyl-8cyl -4cyl , 2-dr , 4-dr ,wagon ,convert give people choices. There are still AMERICAN people out there that want American cars not American copys of foriegn cars , and bad ones at that. I hope GM can a leader not a follower and impress AMERICA and the world. Remember fuel efficency , design ,style,good taste ,common sense can all exist PLEASE BRING THAT TO THE TABLE. THANKS I have more if needed. MIKE MENDEZ

Legendary Status
Oct 5, 2005
Steve Hornbaker

It impresses me that after watching the "American Muscle Car" series on Speedtv that the mavericks in GM are the ones that have given their brands lagendary status. People like vVnce Piggins and Zora Duntov and John Z. and even Ed Cole are the ones who fought to establish such legendary marques as the Z-28 and L-88 and the GTO, just to name a few. Few compnaies can boast of legendary marques as these: The Japanese and Koreans don't have any, yet without rich heritage they are doing wel. It is a shame that such heritage is not being capitalized on. It proves that Gm is rich in talent at the working level but not high up.

Oct 12, 2005

DELPHI managements demands a 65% cur in labor wages. At same time, top management is getting a "BONUS"!!! to hang around during bankruptcy. What we are seeing is a shift of assets from workers to the top brass at a rate unprecedented since the 19th century. Its all because of so-called competition. DELPHI must compete with CHINESE labor at a buck a day. So, what do we all do? Become a third-world country where we all reduce our wages to a buck a day? That is where we are heading. A few multi mult multi millionaires and the rest of us coolies. I say no more. Ask your bought-and-paid-for-by-big-business-lobbyists congressme why they dont pass a law which provides that if any company wants to ship anything into the U.S. for sale, and I mean anything, those companies must first assure that they pay their workers at least 30 percent of the wages that are paid to U.S. workers in the industry class. LETS RAISE WORLD WAGE STANDARDS, NOT DUMB THEM DOWN.
If this sounds like a "communist", well then. To say it bluntly, I have seen enough and I have had enough.

Oct 12, 2005
Steve Hornbaker

For an understanding of how people like Roger Smith get to be chiefs of companies like GM and President of the U.S., see F.A. Hayek's book, "The Road to Serfdom", which is a crtique of socialism written in the Forties. Ch. 10 is "How the Worst Rise to the Top".
This book is as seminal as Rand's book and complements it.

The time has come!
Oct 27, 2005
Matt Weis


You have been awful quiet lately. I hope this is a good sign, and that you are busy working with GM on your recovery plan!

We are all tired of this incompetent, worthless management team at GM!!

The time has come to put GM back in the drivers seat!!

The time has come to purge GM of it's management and replace it with competent "true" car people!!!

Buickman, You're the man!

Detroit stupidity
Feb 23, 2006
David Sprowl

Busting the balls of the union and suppliers has been a mantra, I've whitnessed for the last twenty years. Yes the union needs to give up some things, like the job bank for example. The biggest problem GM's got started with Roger Smith followed by a dose of Wagnor. Making auto's off shore for US consumption offers a short term stupid thinking. For every 20-30/hour job you cut out or reduce to 10-15/hour job is one less 30 to 40 thousand dollar car you can't sell.

Has no one noticed that while Detroit is closing shops the Asians are importing their production here? Honda, Toyota, and others pay the same as their Domestic counter parts. Everybody else, but Ford and GM are producing sheet etal that sells and people want. And they all appear to be doing so without killing their suppliers.

My recomendation for the fix. Fire Wagoner now! Stop listning to the Harvard folk, reduce cyletimes, give your dealers more of a voice as to what they can sell, concentrate on production in lot quantities of one, and use your incrdeble size to help revamp health care billing.

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Apr 6, 2014

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You've imrsesped us
Oct 27, 2015

You've imrsesped us all with that posting!

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