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Fat Cat, Union Made

Jim Dollinger
Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Tier One for Everyone or walk, Solidarity is more than just a song! Bring these lying clowns to their knees and demand a contract that represents equal pay for equal work, one that treats the workers with respect and reward for their labor.

Shut 'em down. The only thing banksters and their minions like Sergio understand is strength. Labor's strength is in numbers and a cohesive strategy that cripples production and profit. It's a shame it has to be that way but it's the fault of the boardroom bozos who chew and spit on the fruits of backbreaking manual labor. Stick it to them, then turn the screw!

The common man is waking up to the fact that the Admin Caucus of the UAW is corrupt and lies to the membership. They are in bed with management, they double dip pay and benefits while quashing any voice that dares to rise in opposition. If ever there was a reason to stop paying dues, it's the treason committed by the UAW Solidarity House. Workers should storm the building like the Bastille and toss the fat cats on their wide backsides.