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Money Changers

Jim Dollinger
Friday, December 15, 2006

I'd like to find out how much GM has paid investment bankers since 2000 for advice, underwriting, and any other blood sucking mechanism employed by the banker controlled Board to drain the corporation of capital.

Anyone ever read "Frenzied Finance" by Thomas Lawson of Boston? It is a great read, detailing development of "The System" wherein Rockefeller robbed the American public of BILLIONS over a hundred years ago, when that was real money. It bares open how large insurance companies (where most people had their money) were fleeced through, at the time, legal manuevers.

The same processes are in force today, only now they have metamorphasized into new creations less perceptible to the public. Media manipulations and bankruptcy laws are part of this new century's patterns of deception.