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Jim Dollinger
Saturday, June 24, 2006

To be announced next week: 0% for 6 years 6/27 - 7/5 only.

Zero for 72 is OK compared to most goofball promos to come out of VSSM. The most favorable part is that it allows the dealers to determine their own pricing structure and hopefully move the metal profitably. The biggest downside is how the factory once again displays their disdain for those of us in retail. How many families have vacations and reunions planned around this Fourth of July? GM shows their lack of compassion for the dealership employees who must now choose between earning a paycheck and spending time with loved ones during this summer holiday time. Also, many customers will be unable to shop for new wheels while they travel. As usual, General Motors exhibits their complete lack of understanding of the daily operations of the retail automotive market. GM will finally turnaround when Wagoner and his band of inept merchandisers are put on the street.