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Blitz of Hits from Fritz

Jim Dollinger
Saturday, March 8, 2008

Fritz Henderson can handle a fastball. Here are some "Hit Singles".

"There were no highlights in the fourth quarter."
"Our business is not generating the kind of returns we expect."
"Frankly, we didn't do everything we could."
"I wouldn't say we're satisfied with any of the results."
"We need to step on the gas on how we are performing in the market."

I like this guy!

He is a Michigan Man, born in Detroit and graduated from the University of Michigan.

His father, Bob, is a Buickman. He was national Service Manager for Buick Motor Division. Fritz grew up learning the business from his father. Let's not forget that, historically, many of the great leaders at General Motors came from the Buick Division. Names like Durant, Mott, Chrysler, Nash, and even Chevrolet, are why Buick is considered to be the Foundation Stone of GM. Naturally, I am partial to a Buickman who knows the business we're in.

The question going forward is if Mr Henderson is able to instititute accountability at General Motors, particularly in the Vehicle Sales, Service, and Marketing. That would qualify as a "Solid Double"

Having repeatedly proven his intellectual acumen, our man Fritz could safely round second, and actually turn a "Stand Up Triple" if he is able to reverse the long term trend of market share loss.

If he doesn't get caught "Stealing" (remember he works for Red Ink Rick), Fritz might achieve an "In The Park Home Run" by effectively communicating the big story at GM, namely the quality of our products today.

Then when Fritz ascends the mound, he has the opportunity to become league MVP by throwing Deloitte and Touche out at the plate. That would restore investor confidence, as would publishing timely and accurate "Box Scores" with the SEC. The odds makers would favor General Motors once again winning the World Series Crown of Car Sales.