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A Different Hat

Jim Dollinger
Friday, August 28, 2009

Well folks, it's been a very busy and hectic few weeks during which I returned to Patsy Lou Buick GMC in fashionable Flint, Michigan. Time has been short in the transition and changes are happening.

This site was originally formed to provide a mechanism for the sharing of information, ideas, and suggestions amongst the shareholders of GM. We have come a long way in gathering such. Unfortunately, some of senior GM mangement has refused to listen to reason regarding our efforts, and consequently gone belly up. Now, they claim to have solved the problematics, when in essence the most onerous ones remain.

The time has come to evolve into something new (once again that's "evolve" as opposed to "re-invent").

I honestly believe in the potential of GM, in our wonderful stylists, engineers, and production people. The marketing continues as the critical and urgent issue. Elements of Return to Greatness will be implemented at Patsy Lou Buick and once again prove to the world that selling cars isn't really difficult. You just have to understand retail and make logical decisions based upon proven principles.

Look for updates soon as Patsy Lou proudly leads the way!

Keep those emails coming, they are helpful and appreciated.