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~Men~ Named Bernie

Jim Dollinger
Monday, March 31, 2014

~The Man~ should be nicknamed "Bernie"...

Red Ink Rick is a Puppet who was put in place by the Banksters (you know those folks who finance both sides of wars and fix interest rates, print money out of thin air and charge interest on it). At 39, he leapfrogged many more experienced, knowledgeable, and qualified employees to become Chief Financial Officer. Not only was that beyond odd, consider even further that ~The Man~ did not possess an accounting degree! We proceeded to have repeated accounting "Irregularities" in the financial statements and "Material Weaknesses" in our Annual Reports. It amazes me that Deloitte & Touche continues to this day as our auditors, complicit as they have been for so many years. "Arm's Length" has been shortened to "Hand in Pocket".

From his lofty perch atop the GM Renaissance Center, Red Ink Rick virtually raped and plundered the Corporation of its' assets through various schemes and funneled tremendous amounts of cash to the Bankster controlled Board of Bystanders. ~The Man~ purposely and intentionally drove the company into bankruptcy enabling a "wash away" of liabilities from the now cash/asset deprived carcass. The Government Motors' rinse led to the sale of GM right back to the very same Banksters.

Meantime, poor old, innocent, nice guy, Ricky takes the fall and is subsequently caught and coddled by his Masters... ~The Man~ now serving on various Board of Directors such as Washington Post, while reaping and enjoying the MILLIONS he is being paid in "retirement".

Nice guy? Don't be fooled, ~The Man~ , for having swiped $80 BILLION in Shareholder value and for Lying to Investors, now belongs in a Jail Cell right alongside his Brothers Bernie, namely Ebbers and Madoff.