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Reality Check

Jim Dollinger
Sunday, March 4, 2007

A GTO that comes from Holden's fails. The G this and G that will also die from nothing more than a lack of identity. The German Saturns completely miss the mark of what Saturn is supposed to be. The Buick dealers are dying from a lack of product, destroyed by the very management they are reliant upon. Remember how they were asked to build "Flagship", stand alone, stores. Now they are abandoned. The distress marketing continues as does the professional "spin" on everything from Silverado sales to financial statements that really are meaningless when they ever do arrive.

WAKE UP PEOPLE. GM is led by incompetent and corrupt executives living in their own egotistical fantasyland. Meanwhile an entire US industry is disappearing before our very eyes. Bankruptcies abound while jobs migrate by the tens of thousands. Bankers continue stripping the company of capital and the stockholders are fleeced repeatedly.

We've lost Olds, Buick is soon dead, GMAC spun along with virtually everything of value...Proving Grounds, Real Estate, foreign investments, Allison, Electromotive, etc... Keep singing the company tune and you'll find before long that there's nothing left but Chapter 11. Don't worry about Red Ink Rick though, he has a BK proof pension.

The man is a crook. Two years ago I called for his resignation. Last year the call was made for his indictment. Ain't vision a bitch. He has to be wondering what Buickman has in store for his phony self this June.