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York Un-Corked

Jim Dollinger
Thursday, January 12, 2006

Oldsmobile used to deliver over ONE MILLION units in a single year, until GM ran it into the ground. You had better believe that hurt. I am amazed by some of the comments people make, like cutting 30,000 jobs is good and bankruptcy is OK, being number two doesn't matter, and give Wagoner a couple more years.
York was correct about equality of sacrifice, sense of crisis mode, and perform or get out. Cutting the dividend makes a lot of sense when we're bleeding cash.
There are other answers though, like eliminating the jobs bank, not by cutting the people loose, but by actually putting them to work, what a concept!
Most importantly, the focus needs to be on increasing revenue, not more surgery. This is where Return to Greatness comes into play. It's high time GM implemented this plan which immediately lowers marketing costs, utilizes effective, proven successful principles, and puts GM back in favor amongst the American car buying public.
If G Richard Wagoner wasn't a crook, and really had the corporation's best interest at heart, he would use this plan. Instead he won't, or can't, even tell us what his plan is, or when GM will turn a profit.
...and this guy is still Chairman? WAKE UP & ASK WHY???