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Jim Dollinger
Sunday, December 11, 2005

In spite of my best efforts, and those of others, LaNeve, Gerosa, and Dewar continue their erroneous ways as if on a chosen path of self-destruction. The tried and untrue "Fire Sales" have virtually brought GM to it's knees and greatly contributed to the rise of the Japanese and Koreans. These incompetent executives MUST be replaced and Wagoner held responsible for allowing them to destroy brand equity, lose market share perhaps permanently, and create pathetic results in North America leading to thousands of job losses. The resulting impact of such idiocy as Red Tag and GMS reverberates throughout the national economy, and in the end is contributing to the erosion of America's middle class. Few see the true cause of the suffering in communities who are forced to close schools, reduce police and fire protection, and otherwise deal with lost tax revenue. Read today's www.detnews.com and see the effect on Flint, Michigan. I'm not saying the union is blameless, however the real culprits are those who ride as the elevators rise above Jefferson Avenue in Motown.