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Happy 98th Birthday GM

Jim Dollinger
Saturday, September 16, 2006

In honor of GM's 98th Brithday, here is a repeat of one of our first editorials which details the reason behind the downslide. Believe me folks, Wagoner knows exactly what he is doing. He was pre-ordained as Chairman and has implemented a grandiose plan to move an industry offshore. Just think, almost 200,000 GM employees gone here in the US in just the last 10-15 years. Nice job Rick, if you hadn't LIED about it.

GENERAL WATCH NEWS from 12-05-05
The Cause

Imagine...As the Rothschilds financed both sides of the Civil War, master capitalists, after giving their backing to the Japanese, use the invisible hand to guide GM softly down the stairs of diminished share. As GM becomes weaker, the foreigners invade our shores, setting up their fortresses of non-unionized production. Meanwhile, the ever-increasing costs of organized labor are halted by fierce competition, and a massive media campaign against their portrayed unrealistic demands. The tide of improving standard of living for the masses is halted, and through the might of popular opinion, concessions are wrought. As unionism is weakened, the purse string holders win on both sides of the game. Record profits for the invaders, and lessened expenses for the domestics. The demise of old time factory towns, who suffer setbacks in jobs and tax revenue, is a minor side effect of the intended outcome. The remaining relics of the battle for recognition are forever eliminated from the landscape...

Look at where money has been, and not been, spent and some patterns will emerge. Product and promotion must be funded. Declining sales "justify" the demise of the product. With Oldsmobile, the final straw was the "no front bench seat" for the last generation Aurora. When that omission was questioned by the media, it became a "management decision" and nothing else. Was that "management decision" due to some hidden agenda or just ignorance of some younger marketing types? It became somewhat clear just "who" or "what" "Management" was, and why that decision was made. It was not made to specifically attract new customers, as few new Oldsmobile customers probably came into the fold back then, but to begin a chain of events that ultimately led to the demise of Olds.
Ask yourself, was Olds that poorly managed, or was it closed intentionally?
The current strategy just announced of MINImizing divisions is disastrous, and only illustrates the intended demise of not only nameplates, but divisions. There must be a reason, and it may well be to eventually operate factory owned brands. Buick has been starved and allowed to die in the market. The constantly shifting slogans, (ie. Spirit of American Style, One Better, Dream Up, and It's All Good) only prove the lack of leadership and direction. Why does the American Revolution campaign feature an oriental symbol in place of the E in Revolution? Look at the Korean flag and compare. It's actually quite amazing dealers have lasted as long as they have, clinging to existence without any life support. It's taken some seriously coordinated efforts to "kill" the foundation stone (The Buick). I'm quite sure the next move is pulling the plug when half-baked new models "fail".