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Common Sense

Jim Dollinger
Tuesday, February 6, 2007

You'd think a multi national corporation like GM who is losing share in droves and money like it was going down the drain would listen to their #1 salesman regardless of where it was that he set national records. My point is that Rick is a crook who has sold out to the banks. He is purposely and intentionally destroying GM.

Also, say what you will, the nicknames are funny (mostly because they are appropriate). From Jim Ziegler of Dealer Magazine:

"Well, Dollinger does the same. His stuff is hilarious. For example&he calls GM's Red Tag Sale, GM's Red Toe-Tag Sale. Wish I would have thought of that first.

"Whether or not I agree with everything he does or says, I relate to this guy and I can see his point of view on many, perhaps most, issues. Is Jim Dollinger a pathetic moron as many would have you to believe...or is he the car messiah&the voice in the wilderness showing us the way out of the desert?

"Now get this...this guy stands up at stockholder meetings and openly calls for Rick Wagoner's resignation. Dollinger has authored a plan titled, "Return to Greatness," which is a roadmap for General Motors to regain former glory. He's getting a lot of media attention with TV interviews and newspaper articles covering his writings and his mission. I'm on his e-mail newsletter list and what he has to say, for the most part, makes a lot of sense.

"Well, I gotta tell ya. I've spent hours looking over what Dollinger has written and, truthfully, I believe the majority (not all by any means) of what he says will work and will immediately restore a lot of GM's lost market share."