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Wouldn't You Really Rather Have an Enclave?

Jim Dollinger
Sunday, May 6, 2007

I picked up my new Enclave demo this past Friday. Everywhere from the school, to the church, to the grocery store, people were stopping me to comment and look inside. It's turning heads, even from Lexus drivers. I knew today, for sure, this thing's a winner after some teenage boys on skateboards gave me the thumbs up. Old and young, men and women alike, are taking a real shine. Even my neighbor caved today and gave me an order to replace his 160,000 mile Park Ave and this guy hardly ever seems excited. He was this afternoon.

Forget about technology, fuel economy, quality, or performance. Never underestimate the purchasing power of the American public when they see something with this much style!

Now if only we were to come back with a Roadmaster RWD, mid-size GS coupe, and a real Riviera, Buick would send Toyota back down the list where they belong.