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Painting the Richard Red

Jim Dollinger
Friday, October 10, 2008

I've got so many examples of waste and mismanagement at General Motors that it would make you sick to your stomach, incompetence combined with corruption.

What was that Ayn mentioned about "Looters vs. Producers"?

We've got the wrong architect designing the turnaround. There's no plan announced, only cuts and more debt. Rick Wagoner can't give earnings guidance, material weaknesses are disclosed in financials, 94 % of value gone since he became CEO, tens of billions of dollars in losses, jobs cut, benefits yanked, communities impacted, and on and on....

It's time for Red Ink Rick to go and people better start speaking to that, repeatedly and loudly. The Board of Bystanders will, for some reason, continue to support Rick the Slick. We the people can over come, but only as one powerful voice. Please join in and make the call. Say it, type it, make yourself heard. I'll be listening.