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Medicine Man

Jim Dollinger
Monday, April 17, 2006

The upcoming manuever in the campaign of GeneralWatch is the strengthening of Buick stores with the emphasis on stand alone points. Just got the list of dealers and have two gals calling each for owner's email. Forget the dealer council, we are developing our own group based on realistic, proven methods of success. To hell with corporate politics and back scratching, this is about survival. Give a call sometime to Joe Dieckhaus of Bristol PA (215-788-7833) and ask him what the Buickman did for him. His store was suffering. Family members were very resistant to change. They were doing some silly things. For one, their ad campaign was "At Dieckhaus we dont' sell cars, we help you find one". Pleasant and nice but sounded like they weren't even a car dealership. They are twenty minutes outside Philly. I proposed the slogan "From Dieckhaus to Your House" and recommended advertising FREE delivery to home or office. There were many other suggestions given in a half day's visit. I had some time available last year when I did the "East Coast Wagoner Roast" in Wilmington. Joe had emailed me for ideas, so I stopped in for a visit. He was impressed enough to come to the Annual Meeting and kind enough to treat me to lunch afterward at the Hotel duPont. Also did a Lincoln store in Lansing that was dying. Gave them "Thinkin' Lincoln" campaign designed around Honest Abe. Did Williamson in Flint. Assisted him in running for mayor (he won) and changed to "Patsy Lou Cares About You", went to #1 USA. Suski hired yours truly and saw 52% increase first year. Anyway, I am fully committed to rescuing Buick stores and preventing "Red Ink Rick" from killing the foundation stone of General Motors. Killing Oldsmobile is one thing, and selling GMAC is distasteful. Starve Buick dealers of product, then force them into merging with other franchises so the end is painless for the factory, and Mr Wagoner, you've bit into Billy's Baby and have stirred the wrath of...