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Jim Dollinger
Friday, December 13, 2013

This investment by the Board of Bystanders (read interlocking Investment Banksters) was only to provide cash in order to alleviate difficulties for agreeing to Iran sanctions. Oh for the games we play...

Now that the Iranian embargo is unwinding GM will divest from Peugeot, who can once again sell their wares to the Imams, Mujahideen, Mullahs, and Sheiks. Meanwhile the investment banksters will take their customary hundred million in tribute, commonly referred to as investment advice. GM is a sacrificial cow to these blood sucking vultures who grab the cash via Board representation. God forbid the capital is distributed to ordinary shareholders.

We can now add the Peugeot Promulgation to the Insidious Collection by General Motors, alongside the Fiat Fiasco and the Delphi Debacle.