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Claiming Stakes

Jim Dollinger
Tuesday, June 8, 2010

If you've got a good horse...give him another bale of hay.

GM needs talented leadership. These people certainly are capable of earning higher incomes elsewhere, sort of similar to parochial teachers who are more dedicated than greedy. Yes, many have lost and suffered through the demise, but if we don't retain and attract competent management, even greater losses will occur.

Incentivizing thru stock makes a whole lot more sense than simply writing a check.

Side note to those critical of Big Ed...think he's in an easy chair? I have some disagreement with some stuff, but on the whole he's doing fine. He gets out there like Perot, questions things rather than accepting status quo, demands performance, isn't afraid to make a decision, and is definitely in charge. He's probably a better CEO than Chairman.

Mr Ed and Wilbur (not Ross)