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Decline and Denial

Jim Dollinger
Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I've been saying it for years now, the trouble at GM is their marketing and lack of accountability. As you may know, I presented a comprehensive plan "Return to Greatness" to the top executives who couldn't have cared less. The question remains whether they are simply incompetent or on a long term mission to relocate the industry's production and willing to endure years of losses in order to achieve their goal? Looking at market share loss over the past twenty years, one notices a decline very similar to descending a flight of stairs. My contention is that stupidity is not that sequential, therefore one must assume an orderly progression towards elimination of unionized North American production.

Along the way assets have been spun which has served to enrich the investment bankers who control roughly two thirds of the stock and, through Board representation, fully support the "leadership?" of Red Ink Rick. Meanwhile Detroit, Flint, and other communities suffer as jobs and tax revenues are significantly reduced. The unbridled greed has in fact impacted our entire country. During this lengthy period of adjustment the cuts by pencil whipping bean counters are explained away as necessary for virtually every excuse imaginable. Every excuse that is except for the true reason GM has continued to fall, the lack of real leadership by "car guys" who could actually make progress and profit a reality.