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Your Next President II

Jim Dollinger
Friday, January 4, 2008

Ron Paul can no longer be ignored or referred to as a fringe, second tier candidate.

Considering Mitt's money (he was the real loser), Huck's major media coverage (the new MSM darling), McCain's name recognition (the big surprise in Iowa), and Thompson's stardom (could he care less?), Iowa is a solid start. RP nearly tripled Rudy, and he earned his place as a major player in this contest. This in spite of the fact that Dr. No would end farm subsidies, hardly an attraction to most Iowans.

In NH the good doctor should score even better. The key now is that the legions of volunteers and supporters realize how tough the climb is. Their efforts will intensify, while ad buys and lit spreads will increase. With a marked movement upward Tuesday, the heat will be on.