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That Man Flint

Jim Dollinger
Monday, August 9, 2010

There is a book in my den titled "The Dream Machine" written in 1976 and inscribed by it's author, Mr Jerry Flint. It reads "for Buickman - who knows more about selling cars than just about anybody - when better cars are built, Buickman will sell them." Over the years Jerry and I exchanged hundreds and hundreds of emails and each year on my way to the GM shareholders' meeting in Wilmington we would talk as I drove through Pennsylvania.

Jerry passed away this past Friday. Even though he would hang up on me when the argument wasn't going his way, I'll miss him and his late night sarcasm and wit.

Regardless of your Forbes column name, you took a "Backseat" to no one when it came to understanding and writing about the US auto industry. RIP my friend.