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Devil's Handmaiden

Jim Dollinger
Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Dear Friends,

It's high time to call a spade a spade. Mr G Richard "Red Ink Rick" Wagoner is nothing more than the evil incarnate, purposely placed atop General Motors for no more ryhme and reason than the planned decimation of the world's once largest industrial enterprise. This man, born in Wilmington Delaware, has been intentionally fast tracked. His placement as chief financial officer made no sense to outsiders as he leapfrogged many senior executives. His mission, which he readily accepted has been mostly fulfilled, spinning not winning, leading to our eventual bankruptcy. He is without doubt the worst sort of corporate criminal, personally responsible for the suffering of thousands across the US as GM declines into oblivion on his watch. Mark my words, the end is near for General Motors. The international bankers who support this phony flake are standing ready to pick up the pieces for cents on the dollar. Wilbur Ross and his friendly Rothschild banker friends will feed off the carcass once the planned murder of General Motors has occurred.