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American Styling?
Buickman 07/05/04 21:46 Reply
You are absolutely correct in noticing the confusion in GM's marketing. A Buick sold in the United States should have the qualities, including production, that portray an American image, and give support to the brand's character as the eminent leader in the domestic market. We have forsaken the history of what was a Buick by the whim of finance people in control of a car company. Second question...we're not leaving...we're going to straighten out this mess. Remember waterfalls begins as raindrops...thanks for the comments!
Buick the Brand of Kings
dortdurant 08/27/04 14:50 Reply
problem is you're all Queens. Now get your you know what to the RenCen, buy your tickets and shut your mouth. Learn from real executives how business is done. You owe your life to the titans at GM.
bogeyman 07/19/05 13:15 Reply
Where are all the good designers. Who in this company said yes lets built that Aztek? Or how about the SSR 2 door white elephant. Who can afford to buy in the first place not me and work for this company. Built something people want , families want. Leave the 2 seaters to chevy corvettes, maybe the new soltice. Come on you guys get with the program.
Start making these guys with there big pay checks accountable!
Buickman 06/06/04 17:45 Reply
After the presentation, a stockholder asked how we deal with a situation like his. He mentioned having a 91 Caprice with almost 300,000 miles. Years past we factored in planned obsolesence. Today, longevity is an attribute and proof positive as to the quality of GM products. Most likely the owner did all regularly scheduled maintenance and took good care of the automobile. If we had more such testimonials our reputation would improve.
finger 09/06/06 17:53 Reply
HHR is nice. Cobalt is a hit.

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