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The Present: Shareholders forum (Subject: American Styling?)

The Present: Shareholders forum

Subject: American Styling?

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Buickman 07/05/04 21:46 Reply
You are absolutely correct in noticing the confusion in GM's marketing. A Buick sold in the United States should have the qualities, including production, that portray an American image, and give support to the brand's character as the eminent leader in the domestic market. We have forsaken the history of what was a Buick by the whim of finance people in control of a car company. Second question...we're not leaving...we're going to straighten out this mess. Remember waterfalls begins as raindrops...thanks for the comments!
KidChevy 07/05/04 08:22 Reply
After reading this article from the July 4th print of the Flint Journal.

I can only post two questions for the Buickman.

1. How can the "Spirit of American Styling" have a stamp on it that says MADE IN CHINA?

At the same time, the article also says
"... About 2 Million cars were sold in China lasy year, a 70 percent jump from 2002. J.D. Power predicts that sales will grow to 11.6 million vehicles by 2010." So my next question is.

When do we leave?

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