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The Present: Shareholders forum (Subject: PRODUCT)

The Present: Shareholders forum

Subject: PRODUCT

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finger 09/06/06 17:53 Reply
HHR is nice. Cobalt is a hit.
PRODUCT 03/18/05 00:57 Reply
Where are all the ''gotta have'' product.For a car to qualify as "gotta have'' it must turn heads! The new Impalla and Monte Carlo are too concervitive. We should have not allowed our Silverado,Tahoe and Suburban to go so long without a redesign.The cC6 is a home run and Equinox and Cobalt show promise but the HHR is percieved to be a pt cruiser "me to" only 5 years later.I am a proud 2nd generation Chevrolet dealer. I feel that the time has come for BOLD changes in our designs and to be prepared to take chances.Yes, this means we must be willing to take risks. To continue to watch the decline in market share is not acceptable.Gm's determination to become involved in retail will erode the trust that has been regained in the past few years.The time for serious change is NOW.Are we ready for the challenge?FAILURE is NOT an OPTION.

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