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General Watch: General forum (Subject: Product quality)

General Watch: General forum

Subject: Product quality

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gnonice 07/17/05 09:52 Reply
Hello board. This is my first post here. I am A (was) loyal GM owner. I have worked in several GM dealerships as a tech, a service advisor and lastly, a Service Manager. The latest vehicle I bought from GM was a 01 Silverado HD with a 6.0 engine which had a knocking engine ( piston slap ) from almost day one. Since I no longer work at a GM dealeship, I tok it to one of the dealers I used to work for and still have good friends that work there, I get all the inside info on problems, recalls, bulletins, etc. When they told me my engine noise was "normal" and will not effect the relibility or longetivity, I was floored. After calling GM customer service and offered a 7 year warranty, just to shut me up, well that was the last straw. They will not repair / replace this engine under any terms. So from that point forward, we sold my wifes 03 (also knocking engine and 2 sets of front brake pad @ 11,000 miles)Malibu and bought a Mazda 6, which has been a great car.(24,000 miles so far, brakes still good) I am going to buy a Titan, and never buy a GM again. Everyone I talk to I tell them about my knocking truck and steer them away from the general. I now work at a transmission repair shop, and tell everyone there about my lack of responce from GM. I alway said I'd rather push a GM than drive a Toyota, but they forced me to change my tune. Sorry to vent.............
boscorelli 03/09/06 11:33 Reply
I have read the same thing about the Chevy pick-ups. I cannot believe that they say this noise is "Normal". My sister in-laws significant other is a diehard G.M. supporter such as youself. At least what you use to be. He has bought 2 brand new Chevy half ton's since they have been together. He would not mention in a million years of any knocking in his engine. I even heard the knocking after a family dinner on a cool evening. The truck had been sitting for a few hours in -10 degree temp. I was always curious as to why he would be the first, or last to leave. I guess to embarassed to start up his truck in cold weather.

Hope you have good luck with the Titan. Most powerful V-8 in it's class I hear.

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