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General Watch: General forum (Subject: General Watch First Impressions)

General Watch: General forum

Subject: General Watch First Impressions

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Buickman 06/19/04 11:03 Reply
Thank you for your most appropriate comments and genuine concern for GM. Unforunately it was necessary to give the initial website posting a negative slant given the fact of the decades-long decline in market share. Many people have pointed out the problems at GM. The real purpose of this effort is to provide hope for the future and a return to greatness for this American company and industry. The Plan - Five Points details the path for this resurgence. As you mentioned, car buying should be a fun, positive event, resulting in enthusiastic customers. Keep those raindrops falling.
laparks 06/17/04 22:51 Reply
A very interesting website with a lot of exposure to GM Boards and Mgmts failings over the past decade or longer. When viewed critically it is pretty alarming and is mostly a negative biased story without much hope. Having put in my 40 years with GM and watching Frigidaie Div. go belly up, I am convinced that GM has and has always had a major marketing problem. Ron Zarella was a classic example of a non-car guys approach and he was a dismal failure as well as an embarrassment to GM. I am concerned that GM has too few car guys if any left.
The revival of GM will start when car people who have cars in their blood, their dreams and their family take charge and do the things that make car buying a fun experience again! Dealers must make every customer interaction into a positive event and make customers happy, such that the want to talk to friends and family about their experiences. It can be done ... but only if the right people direct the show from the top to the bottom. I truly want GM to regain their once prominent position in the car world, with Great Cars & Trucks. regards, lap

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