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General Watch: General forum (Subject: GM in good hands)

General Watch: General forum

Subject: GM in good hands

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webmaster 09/17/04 22:57 Reply
my my my dortdurant. It sounds like you need a dose of reality and the opportunity to get a life! I'll bet you just got an MBA and think that the dudes running GM really know what they're doing....and yes, dortdurant, there really IS a Santa Claus!

If GM is in good hands why has market share dropped every month for a decade?

If GM is in good hands why do retirees have to worry about their pension and their health care?

If GM is in good hands why is stock in the $40's instead of the $90's?

Come're in good hands with Allstate...not GM!
dortdurant 08/27/04 14:42 Reply
C'mon you low life wanna-bees! You know it's easy to sit back and Monday morning quarterback. All you do is make silly web sites and talk trash while the real "men" are running the show in Detroit. Get with it you John Kerry-esque scum bag! The Rothschilds and the the international finance cartel of RGD "guess what that stands for" you hack. Yeah, right. Watch on the right hand........yeah I know what that means and you don't stand a chance Robishire! You are like the kings juggler. Secret corporate power desires and no brains. The game is up. Go to the xxx.hotel on 32 and Wilshire. You'll see where the real power in GM lies. You low life bag of trash............

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