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The Past: Shareholders forum (Subject: Founders of General Motors)

The Past: Shareholders forum

Subject: Founders of General Motors

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horseless 07/18/04 00:56 Reply
Durant, Mott and Sloan would be appalled at the condition of General Motors. These men were instrumental in creating the worlds greatest company and left a legacy that has been managed terribly by its management and board of directors. These great men created product, they had vision and looked to the future. I had the privilege of working for Mr Mott indirectly while attending college. One day at his estate he gave me a lecture about the need for fuel efficient automobiles, this was in 1968. He kept pointing to his prized Corvair that was in his garage. Unfortunately, like the the management of General Motors, I did not have his perception of the future. He loved his home town of Flint, the birthplace of General Motors and his contributions to the community were endless. Today the Board of Directors and the management of General Motors have tried everything to dismantle Flint and its automobile plants. Flint was once the home of one of the worlds largest auto manufacturing facilities and is slowly becoming an empty shell. The management blames the unions for its problems, but GM's managment from the the 1970's and forward was more interested in greed and profits. We needed vision and product and the board gave us bean counters and the Judas of the Automobile world, Roger Smith.

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